Speedy and Beautiful Cutting of ValueCut series cutters.

The 3 concepts are inherited from the ValueJet series printers, "Beautiful and Speedy at Reasonable Price". MUTOH is proud to release the ValueCut series cutters as the "Value" product.

ValueCut image

ValueCut Features:

Cutting Speed and Force

The maximum cutting speed is 1,530mm/s and the maximum cutting force is 600g. The key spec of ValueCut series cutters overwhelm the competitive cutters in the same price range. Up to 0.8mm media is compatible.

Cutting Speed and Force image

Original Crop Mark Reading Function

ValueCut series cutters will provide the easy solution for your print and cut business. The crop mark reading function named AAShas got 4 varieties of reading function for the accurate cutting.

Original Crop Mark Reading Function image

Basket and Stand

VC-600 is the mini-cutter which can be placed on top of the desk without stand. VC-1800 and VC-1300 comes with the stand plus basket as the standard feature.


Distance Tracking Technology

MUTOH's original crop mark will bring you the special feature of distance tracking technology. Cutting the image by segments will realize the high cutting accuracy even the image is more than 10m long.


Automatic Direction Detection

MUTOH's original crop mark will bring you the special feature of direction detection. The unique shape of the crop mark will make the cutter to automatically detect the direction of image.

Basket and Stand image
Distance Tracking Technology image
Automatic Direction Detection image

ValueCut Series
MUTOH’s ValueCut 600 sign cutter and the VJ-628 printer - the perfect combo!

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