Corporate Profile

Headquarters 3-1-3, Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo  MAP
Establishment Established on March 5, 1952.
Reorganized into two companies, MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD.,
on April 1, 2007.
Business Description 1. Development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and service of imaging equipment
2. Development, manufacturing, sales of drafting machines and CAD/CAM and optical measuring instruments
3. Sales of environment-related products
Capital 350 million yen
End of FY March
President Nobumasa Hayakawa

Major Business Activities

Large-format inkjet printer business
・Large-format inkjet printers/Plotters
・Cutting plotters
・Image scanners
・Supply and maintenance service of above equipment
3D Printing business
Design and measurement instrument business


Chairman Toshihiro Sakamoto
President Nobumasa Hayakawa
Senior Managing Director Yasuhiko Isobe
Managing Director Kazuyuki Kamoi
Director Teruaki Kato
Director Masanori Sera
Director Masahiro Takayama
Corporate Auditor Hajime Tatsuzawa
Executive Officer Yoichi Abe
Executive Officer Yasuhisa Okushima
Executive Officer Kenji Yasuhara
Executive Officer Akio Kotake
Executive Officer Atsushi Namoto
Executive Officer Takashi Touma
Executive Officer Brian Phipps
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