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Large Format Inkjet Printers

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Large-format inkjet printers have undergone a significant transformation from printers to production machines. In addition to the original use of poster and sign printing, printing has become more diverse, with applications including the textile field such as silk and polyester fabrics and printing on plastic, cardboard, and glass.
Since bringing Japan’s first large-format inkjet printer for outdoor advertisement into the world, MUTOH has supported user needs by creating many unique features that include Drop Master ink discharge control technology that enables high-definition printing through its printing technologies and know-how that have been passed down over generations. MUTOH constantly provides technology that is one step ahead with its large-format inkjet printers.

3D printings

3D printings Operations Image
3D printers create three-dimensional objects from digital data. In addition to being a form of equipment for the streamlining of the design-to-prototype process, there are now also high hopes that 3D printers will become a tool for industrial revolution in order to achieve ultimate high-mix, low-volume production.
MUTOH has a lineup of products in all fields including desktop models that give form to idea, professional models that enable high-precision molding, and production models that deliver high cost performance. In addition, we have developed a wide range of business domains and service structures from hardware to solutions, including a 3D printing service.
MUTOH supports the needs of customer in one stop.

Design and measurement instrument

Design and measurement instrument Operations Image
MUTOH’s Systems and IT Solutions business resolves the management issues businesses face.
In addition, MUTOH’s IT technologies are also utilized in areas close to our everyday lives such as social infrastructure. We offer systems proposals and software made possible through our continued support of the field in manufacturing. The know-how MUTOH has developed for systems ranging from design to manufacturing and information management has been incorporated in the MUTOH product lineup as optimal systems for the needs of customers. MUTOH’s Systems and IT Solution business is performing its essential value as the source for MUTOH’s competitive strength as a company that supports manufacturing.
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