Message from the President

On behalf of MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., it gives me great pleasure to greet our stakeholders once again.

MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., which is at the core of the MUTOH Group, continues to constantly innovate and challenge itself, and strengthen our business foundation in order to provide satisfying products and services to our customers, focusing on our core products of large-format inkjet printers.

MUTOH delivers safety and reliability to customers.

MUTOH leverages the know-how developed over long years of manufacturing experience, while continuing to focus on our core products of large-format inkjet printers, and promoting systematic enhancement with the aim of delivering highly cost-effective products and services that meet the needs of customers.

MUTOH promotes the development of original technology, expertise, and design quality, and establishes production systems that are able to flexibly and quickly respond to user needs.

MUTOH accurately monitors changes in the market environment and user needs from a global perspective, and promotes the establishment of an integrated business system that ranges from manufacture and sales to maintenance service in order to deliver new products and services to the market.

MUTOH is committed to improving the usage environment to suit the needs of the customer, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and creating a significant level of trust. In addition to providing environmentally conscious products, we are enhancing applications for individual industries, and promoting the provision of a wide range of solutions.

MUTOH strives to make inroads into digital printing in the business environment and aims to strengthen the MUTOH brand.

We respectfully ask for your continued support in the years ahead.

Yasuhiko Isobe
President and Representative Director

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Yasuhiko Isobe President and Representative Director

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