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Specifically designed for architectural, engineering, construction, mechanical design and GIS applications, Drafstation series plotters can help you put your best foot forward. Offering a maximum media width of 42" and 24", Drafstation series plotters give you high-quality professional printers at an exceptional price point.

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DrafStation Features:

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Intelligent Interweave

Intelligent Interweave offers many printing effects to improve the image quality. MUTOH further enhances the original print effects, and they allow the reduction and elimination of the banding that is the primary weakness of Ink jet printing, creating a fine tuned balance between print speed and quality.

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ValueJet Status Monitor

Let Your Printer Do the Work for You! The ValueJet Status Monitor is light-weight software exclusive to MUTOH. It offers remote control and monitoring for your MUTOH printers via Wireless LAN on your portable smart devices. The ValueJet Status Monitor maximizes the performance of the MUTOH printer and makes your workflow easy.

ValueJet Status Monitor

Print Head

4 separate print heads existed previously are combined together to form 1 print head. The printer is runnning in 4 colors, and no adjustment in between the colors are required. That is why the beautiful output can be esily achieved.


Variable Dot Technology

By adopting the high quality print head, it incorporates 3 kinds of variable dot which are large, medium and small diameter so as to realize high quality, standard quality, and high speed printing.


Pressure Roller Canceller

Pressure Roller Canceller is specially developed to feed the thin tracing paper.

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Naturally Smooth Dot-free Image
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