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A 1625mm/64” wide Hybrid LED-UV Printer with dual head/dual lamp for real production PRODUCT OF THE YEAR LOGO PRODUCT OF THE YEAR LOGO

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The VJ-1638UH is MUTOH’s first ever dual head LED-UV printer delivering increased print & cure performance. 1625 mm (64”) wide, the VJ-1638UH is all about versatility; it is the ideal tool to expand your business with a wide range of commercial print applications. The printer accommodates 1625 mm (64”) roll media up to 30 kg as well as rigid boards up to 1625 mm x 1200 mm (64” x 47”) up to 15mm thick and up to 15 kg. For automatic roll up of prints, the VJ-1638UH can be equipped with a 30 kg, 80 kg or 100 kg motorized take-up system.
This printer will enable you to maximize your creativity! Next to CMYK, the VJ-1638UH also can be set-up with varnish and white to handle transparent or non-white substrates without losing color power or to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for prints with high added value.
The VJ-1638UH will produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, POP & retail signage, backlit banners, individualised wallpaper & interior decoration, small lot packaging prototypes, banners, posters, etc.



1625mm/64" LED-UV hybrid printer
Dual print heads for increased production
CMYK + White and Varnish ink capability
White ink circulation system integrated
Variable Dot Technology
Automatic media thickness measurement & head
height adjustment up to 15mm
Roller pressure controlled manually with a simple lever
Rigid front and rear tables(option)
Optional take-up system (up to 30kg)
Optional media retainer
ValeJet Layer Editor software

Smart Printing Technologies:


  • Packaging Prototype Packaging Prototype
  • Window Decals Window Decals
  • Tradeshow Tradeshow
  • Indoor Signage Indoor Signage
  • Signage Signage
  • Cardboards Cardboards


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