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A 1625 mm/64” wide versatile hybid printer with MUTOH multi-purpose ink "MP31"

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The ValueJet 1628MH hybrid printer delivers high quality prints on a wide variety of roll and rigid media. It is printable on 1625mm wide rigid media up to 16mm & 15kg and roll media up to 30kg. The VJ-1628MH comes with MUTOH's multi-purpose ink "MP31" which preserves the natural texture and look of substrates. In addtion, it supports up to eight colors including light colors (Lc, Lm, Lk) or spot colors (Or, Bl, Gr). The light color ink provides smoother gradation and the spot color ink provides vivid color reproduction.
The VJ-1628MH is equally suited for sign & display print shops for the production of both indoor and long term outdoor prints, as well as for graphics companies looking for a digital solution for proofing of short run production of packaging prototypes or customized labels, even for industrial printers specialized in thermo forming.



1625mm/64" hybrid printer
MUTOH's multi-puopose ink (MP31)
Up to 8 color set-up with CMYK, Wh + light colors or spot colors
Built-in ink circulation system
Variable Dot Technology
Hot air blower system
Automatic media height detection
Head protection sensor
Transport roller system
Rigid front and rear tables(Optional)
Optional take-up systems

Smart Printing Technologies:

MUTOH genuine RIP software:


*VerteLith does not support spot-color inks.

Color management RIP software:

*supports spot-color inks

Composite operations supported RIP software:


SAi Flexi 22 *supports spot-color inks


  • Guide Board Packaging Prototype
  • Signage Signage
  • Tradeshow Tradeshow
  • Indoor Signage Package Mockup
  • Outdoor Signage Outdoor Signage
  • Cardboards Specialty
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