On the Use of This Website

The services Mutoh Holdings provides online the Online Services E are provided in the ways described below, to ensure the convenience and security of all users of the Online Services.

(1) Use of cookies

This website uses text files called cookies. These cookies are store necessary identification information on the user's PC, thus saving the user the inconvenience of repeatedly entering information to use the Online Services. Users may optionally adjust their browser settings to refuse cookies. However, in this case users may not be able to use all of the features available in the Online Servic

(2) Using SSL

Our company uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transmission-encryption system. When customers use our services to enter information and send it to a server, the data is encrypted using SSL, protecting customers Epersonal information from view by third parties. Customers do not need to adjust their browser settings to use SSL. However, some older browser versions may not support SSL.

(3) Firewalls

Mutoh Holdings rigorously protects the customer information stored on its servers using a firewall, and takes every precaution to protect that information from unlawful third party access, destruction, damage, tampering, or leakage.

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