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VJ-1938TX Specifications

Model Name VJ-1938TX
Printer Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 2 (staggered setup)
Head Heights Low:2.5mm / Middle:3.5mm / High: 6.0mm
Max. Media Width 1910mm
Max. Print Width 1900mm
Ink Type Textile pigment ink
Ink Colors KCMY - 4 colors or KCMY+OR・GR・BL - 7 colors
Ink Volume 1000ml bag (Need dedicated adapters)
Print Resolutions 1440/1080/720/540/360dpi (10 modes as standard + 19 modes as custom**)
Interface Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Media Measurements * φ250mm/ 2" & 3" / 100kg or less
Heater Control System N/A
Power Supply AC 100-240V - 60/50 Hz
A-property Acoustic Power Level (Actual Measured Value) 69.8dB or less
Printer Accuracy Guaranteed Environment Temperature: 22~30℃ Humidity: 40~60%RH (Non Condensing)
Power Consumption Operating Status: 360W or less, In standby: 66W
Machine Measurements W2983 x D1134 x H1261mm
Packing Size Printer: W3165 x D1150 x H851mm, Weight: 285kg
Stand: W2462 x D395 x H250mm, Weight: 42kg
Feed and take-up system (100kg): W3165 x D1150 x H 433mm, Weight: 210kg
Printer Weight Printer: 177kg / Stand: 37kg / Feed and take-up system: 210kg
Option 1,000ml cartridge adapter VJ-HCIPADPT
*Due to the removal of the flange joint, the 2-inch media core can be adjusted; however, do not use the solid 2-inch core media.
**Custom modes are set by the RIP software. For the details, please contact your authorized dealer.
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